I got my Account registed and payment made on 10/09/2007 via Money Order.

Then money order was delivered to DH on 13/09/2007 via registered mail. It is almost 20 days to date and no response from DH as to receipt of mail.

What should I do?

Is it possible to activate my web temporarily first and wait that mail for few more days? Most web hosting providers do like that - a flexibility showing good will and trust to their customers, since DH can disconnect the web hosting at anytime.

Can I apply for a temporarily web hosting in my case!

Any advices?


I would suggest contacing dreamhost there isn’t anything users of the forum can do to help you.

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I only recall one other person who posted here in the past nine months who paid with a money order. We have heard that you might be in the “must submit for DNA testing” category where DreamHost is sending in the forensic accountants to make sure you’re legit. :slight_smile:

The best thing would be to contact them directly, either through your panel if that works for you or through the following contact form:

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