Please note that you will have to have mod_rewrite support enabled on your server.

Is it enabled on the dh servers?

Also i’m using Smartftp and in files i cant see htaccess file, how can i enable to see the file?

mod_rewrite is definitely supported by DreamHost. SmartFTP can show hidden files (like .htaccess) just fine (you may need to “show hidden files” in Windows as well).

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Thanks tried to sort it but cant see the htaccess.

any other ways to see the htaccess file?

there should be an option to view hidden files somewhere in smartftp. If you set this you should be able to see the htaccess files.

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From their HowTo section:

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How To see hidden files
How To

Select Favorites > Edit Favorites from the SmartFTP menu. The SmartFTP Favorites window appears.
From the SmartFTP Favorites window select the Favorite of interest. Right click on the Favorite and select Properties. The Properties dialog appears.
Under the FTP option select Transfer. From the Transfer tab under Directory Listing Options enable the options “[-a] Show All Files” & “[-L] Resolve Links”.


Of-course, the replies above assume you actually have a .htaccess file to see. :wink:

The .htaccess file will not be present unless you have created it, or you have installed a software package that contains a .htaccess file.


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Way to ruin the party. Ok, duh (I says to myself). I guess we forgot to ask about that part.

The OP looks to have quoted some instructions, which they either already followed, or is about to. Hopefully whatever they are installing will take care of this and this problem will fix itself.


Thanks guys, another question does DH have GD2 installed on server?

Yep, looks like GD 2.0.34 (that is, if you’re talking about the graphics library).


Thanks its to watermark images in vbulletin.