I know nothing about web design but I’d like to load a jpeg on to a website of mine that currently has nothing on it. Can someone please tell me how to do that? As specific and dumbed-down as possible, PLEASE.

First you need an FTP program. You can get your own, or you can use DH’s.

To use Dream Hosts:

  1. Login to your Dream Host admin account/web panel

  2. On the left side of the page select the tab called Domains

  3. Click Manage Domains. It should load a page listing all the domains and sub-domains you have with dreamhost.

  4. Next to the domain you want to upload your pic to there should be a list of options: [DNS] [visit] [WebFTP] [FTP] [add IP] [X]

  5. Select [WebFTP]. It should load a page with all the files stored in that domain.

  6. Towards the top of the new page it should have 5 buttons; New Dir, New File, Upload, Java Upload, Advanced

  7. Select Upload. It will open another page and there should be a blank text with the a browse button next to it.

  8. Hit browse and find the file you want to upload on your computer.

  9. Hit Add Another and you should be done

thanks! did it all, but rather than it being a photo that appears when i go to my site, it says “index of”, and then below it says “logo” (which i uploaded). if I click “logo” then I see it. is there any way to have the logo appear without opening the “index of” page?

Lol, I’m not sure you should have started out with your own domain. You probably should have started on a free sever.

You know how on your computer, you can click My Documents and it shows all your files. Thats all uploading jpgs does, is stores them in a online folder called In order for images to show up you need to create an .html file thats tells your site what to do with that file. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, and it really is it’s own language. In order to make a website you need to be able to write things in that language.

To learn html I suggest you go to and start from the beginning. Once your compentent in Basic HTML you can search other sites such as for some cool codes.

got it. there’s no way to do it without html… ok, it’s study time.

thanks !