Ok I’ve read around a little bit and I was planning to sign up this weekend but lately I’ve kept seeing “Dreamhost is slow… or don’t sign up”


Should I sign up? or go somewhere else?

What exactly is slow? Your sites? what?

I did pass a site that was working fine (for me) and they were hosted by dh so whats up?

Thanks a bunch to anyone who replies!


You have to remember that many users only seek out these forums and post when they are experiencing problems. You rarely, if ever, see users starting ‘DreamHost rocks!’ type threads. This tends to create a overall negative slant.

Having said this, at present there is a very real speed problem being experienced by some users on some servers. These users are seeing slow upload and/or download speeds from their sites.

This problem is not apparent on all DreamHost servers. For example, the server my sites are on is still fast and responsive and I have not experienced any major problems.

My advice would be, if you are interested in trying DreamHost, would be to sign up and test it yourself. If you are not happy with the performance you can always take advantage of their 97 day guarantee.

I should note that the guarantee does not apply if you pay using PayPal.


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Very true. Bad news always travels faster than good news.

There do seem to be people with problems right now, but I’m not one of them. I’m sure support will get it sorted out, though.

Any company that puts deals out there like DH does is going to hit some rough times due to growing pains.

Growing pains or not, all hosts will have their problems at some point. I’ve had an account with DH since 2002, so I guess you could say I’m happy with them. :wink:

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The speed of my sites appear to be ok at this time, I did see some problems around 2 weeks ago but they appear to be resolved. I’ve also had problems connecting to the control panel around the same time but this appears to be working ok again now too.

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I suppose really it depends what you intend doing with the account. If you just want somewhere to keep a few domains with lots of space for pictures and video of the dog then it’s ideal.

If you are looking for somewhere a bit more mission critical for launching a few NASA probes then maybe not.

I’ve been here a couple of weeks and after having gotten to grips with the DH I have to be fair and say I’ve been happy with my account.

I’m in the UK and when I click my sites they come up quickly enough for me. There’s also a fund of knowledge in this forum and the wiki if you do get stuck.

I did notice earlier that only 1 DNS server was working for my added domains which clearly slowed things down a bit but I think that’s all more or less sorted out now.



The slow down has been solved. Dreamhost hasnt got the best service so just as the other poster said for mission critical go somewhere else (and pay more).

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Solved? Really? How do you know? The login panel still seems slow.

Care to elaborate. Thanks in advance.

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If you are interested in DreamHost then sign up. My website has been fast with no slow speed problem. Do not let the negative posts scare you, DreamHost is fast and good value.

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