Ok, so I just picked the monthly 9.95 for one year plan and chose my domain and everything. They gave me an account number and everything. In the payment screen, I wanted to get a money order for the total amount, which I am going to do tomorrow, but it asked for a money order check number, which I don’t have yet since I have not yet gotten the money order.

So now should I get the money order and just put the account number that it had given me on the screen on the money order check, and send the money order to that address that it provided me?


Should I go get the money order tomorrow and do the whole process again tomorrow, and get a different account number and enter in the money order check number and all those details!

Please let me know what I should do as I am very confused at this time! Thanks.

Since you made it to the payment screen, the system should have created a WEB ID / password for you.

As I understand it, if you later use this WEB ID, you should be able to continue the sign on process where you left off.


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