I just got a new computer and had to reinstall my ftp-ing programme (which meant having to remember the ftp addresses and passwords for my site). When I went to figure out how to ftp to my subdomain, I changed it to a mirrored site by accident. I switched it back to ‘fully hosted’ but I think that means I’ve deleted everything I had online. Is that the case?

I’m freaking out over here!

Do I have to re-upload everything?

I suspect that the files are still in your .snapshot directory. You can use telnet/ssh and copy the files into the domain directory… And the user that you use to FTP into your domain would have to be set up with shell access. (I can explain in more detail how to do this if you need)

Alternativly you can just get into that .snapshots folder with an FTP program and download everyting, then re-upload into the correct place.

But ya, it’s not going to re-appear on it’s own at this point.


I’m going to sound like a complete idiot, but I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about nor how to access that… I’m using Dreamweaver MX.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

ok, more simply. You’ll have to re upload all of the files at this point I believe. I don’t think they’ll show up again on their own. If you allready have a copy of everything on your computer, then just upload it all again.

If you don’t have a copy of everything you can access it from a hidden directory with FTP. Just use Dreamweaver’s FTP and log in. Now you’ll want to type in the directory for dreamweaver to open. DW will probably show something like / as the quasi URL. just add onto the end of what ever is there .snapshot and hit enter. Here is listed the hourly.0 hour.1 and so on. move into a backup directory from before you switched your domain settings around. then into your folder and download all of the files there to your computer. Next upload them into your empty folder where you normally put things.

Does that make more sense?


[quote]But ya, it’s not going to re-appear on it’s own at this point.


Matttail, my experience is that switching to mirroring doe not erase the hosted files. It would be fairly dumb for a single click to destroy the files. As it is it is dumb for the junk of an old hosting to be left around… but less dumb.