i did everything you said but it said a 530 login incorrect…do you know why it says that?


i tried dreamweaver because it said it had like an ftp built in but i dont kno what to do…if anyone canhelp please do so.!!!1


log in correct would be a problem with your user name and or password. It Won’t make any difference what program you use if you don’t have your user name and password right.



ok thanks…gues what!!! somehow i figured it to make it all right…like i can get into my ftp…and the site it works…i went to it…i am very happy but now i must learn how to make it look good wiht this thing u call html …or something like that


glad you got it working. :slight_smile:

perhaps this article might expalin a bit

you’re going to use some program, like Nvu (cause it’s easier to unerstand at first than dreamweave) to make your webpages for you. And you’ll type in text and put in pictures, and have hyperlinks here and there. You can make your page look the way you want it to, and you can even click on the perview pane towards the bottom of the Nvu program and see what it will look like in a browser (like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). What’s going on behind the scenes in Nvu is when you start typing text like “this is a test” it takes that and creates a document in HTML. Then when you save your page, you upload your files, and bingo! you’ve got a webpage. Put a couple of pages togeather linked to eachother and you’ve got a entire website! But you don’t need to worry about it really, Nvu will do it all for you.

Just make sure that you save the page that you want be your homepage or your starting page as index. Nvu should fill in the extension for you - the extension is the stuff like .doc or .pdf - and it doesn’t make a difference if it names the files with .htm or .html

And feel free to ask more questions as you go along in the great adventure of the Information Super Highway :wink:



thanks so much for all of your help…i really appreciate it…