i can’t get any mail, because this virus keeps downloading itself into my email client (over and over and over)!! can’t dreamhost do something about this, like prevent klez viruses
from being sent through your mail servers in the first place???

i mean, come on guys, you’re nice people, but yesterday the database was messed up and today i’m being inundated with this virus!!

greg moreau

I sent you a reply privately as well.

We currently don’t do anything to filter viruses.

I would suggest switching to IMAP (if you’re using POP), since you won’t have to download all your messages at once. If it’s just one or two messages that are “stuck”, you could login via Pine or webmail, and delete them.

Procmail can be quite handy for filtering out viruses and the like; check the kbase for some links to more information on procmail, as well as some DH specific info.

At some point, we’d like to offer virus scanning as a value added service, but we don’t have any immediate plans for this. I have noticed an increase in the amount of Klez traffic recently. I will consider implementing some header / body checks to bounce these at the mail server, but I’m concerned that might become pretty processor / memory intensive. Scanning the body of each message that comes in can eat up a lot of resources.

My local ISP is using Postini for account mail and I’ve been very happy with it (not one false positive for spam and many viruses snagged)…I’m not sure how (or if) something like that works for virtual domains but I wish they’d apply it for those too. I’ve still got one or two domains that haven’t migrated over to DH yet (I’m waiting for that unlimited domains feature being discussed in another thread :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t a client-side AV program work for greg?

Guys, look, here’s the scoop:

I’m getting attacked relentlessly. And I mean inundated by this Klez virus, so much so that I can’t actually GET ANY EMAIL. While I appreciate the supportive suggestions, see, this goddam thing has gotten a hold of my main domain (“”) but has left my other domain (“”) completely alone.

Okay. Calm now. I have McAfee AV protection–it’s the only thing that’s let me know about the Klez virus. And it’s an aggressive [expletive removed]. In fact, McAffee just popped up again to let me know that yet another virus has been detected. Here’s what it says: “The file C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\spool\RCV3C.tmp is infected with the W32/Klez.eml virus.”

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I think this is a problem with the Mail server. How can you NOT screen out foo like this? Neither McAfee nor Eurora lets you screen out files like this. But this one KEEPS ON foo DOWNLOADING EVERY TIME I DOWNLOAD ANY FILE. READ AGAIN: ANY TIME I DOWNLOAD ANYTHING IT’S ATTACHES THIS VIRUS. DreamHost wants to ignore it? Fine. I’m gonna switch Hosts. This is foo ridiculous and I can’t afford to not be able to download email. I also plan legal action if they don’t restore my mail service.

I’m a jerk? Well, YOU try going without email for two days, when you work as a consultant --I can’t afford this bullshit. I work at home, and email is my life foo blood. Screw this.

G. Moreau

Well I’m not sure Postini would work - it looks like it’s an outsourced solution, and I’m not sure we’d be comfortable with that. We’re working on a variety of home-brewed solutions (as usual), but we’ve all been pretty busy with other projects (including a major move).

[quote]Wouldn’t a client-side AV program work for greg?


Probably, but the issue seems to be that his client program is downloading the same message over and over, so it wouldn’t really solve the problem.

We use RAV antivirus (server-side) here at the office, and it works pretty well. Its licensing is per-domain, however (making it somewhat unlikely that we’ll use it if we offer virus scanning, unless we charge customers for the service on a per-domain basis).

I don’t really think that the issue is with the mail server, but it is possible that there’s a client-side problem.

I’ve removed two viruses from your inbox (by hand)… perhaps this will help?

Other than that, I’d suggest seeing if accessing your mail via webmail or Pine works.

Sorry guys - I hadn’t noticed the expletive in this post - one of the forum regulars pointed this out to me. As the forum’s charter requests that you keep language family friendly, I’ve replaced the word with [expletive deleted].

I hope this isn’t seen as a value judgement on the particular choice of words, or as an attempt to censor anyone’s point of view; I’m just trying to follow the (fairly simple) guidelines set out in the splash page for this forum.

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You may want to consider just downloading headers & using a bit of common sense. Currently about 1% of my email is relavant although if i wanted to grow hair like samson, be hung like a donkey, lose weight without eating, or make a million bucks while i sleep that percentage could rise to about 99%.
I believe most email programs allow you to review headers & i know that there is a host of freeware proggies available to do that job too.