Help! wp & g2

I think a lot if not all of you will be familiar with Gallery

Well G2 is out in beta and features basically a totally reworked design with a SQL backend… One of the new features is G2 ability to use Templates (Whoohooo)

So it makes running Gallery embedded in applications like WP a whole less painful


When you embedd Gallery and navigate back (via what G2 calls Breadcrumbs) for some reason on DH this feature does not work (it returns a blank page, but with the correct URL)

I can confirm, it is a DH issue, the embedding script, WP and G2 are all straight out of the box. The embedding script has been tested on other hosts without this effect.

The issue is all around this piece of code…

$g2data = GalleryEmbed::handleRequest();
if ($g2data[‘isDone’]) {
exit; // G2 has already sent output (redirect or binary data)

G2 correctly identifies that the photo / page has already been served in this session thus does not redraw it.

On other hosts the page is perfectly returned, on DH we just get a blank (with a URI)

This is both a heads up and a HELP! We all know the DH hosting environment what would be stopping this??


Use the breadcrumbs to navigate

( Home / Ozgreg Gallery / BBC Bushwalking /)