Help Wordpress Cron Job

im trying to set up wordpress with the feedwordpress plugin

im setting the cronjob but is doesnt seem to be working

this is what i have

25 * * * * cd $HOME/myusername/ ; php -q update-feeds.php

does any has this working that can help me out?


thanks ardco but it still didnt work. :frowning:


Looking at the last several threads where people have been having trouble with getting cron jobs to run properly, it seems that in each case the ultimate fix was to get a “clean” edit of the entry.

Carriage returns, line breaks, etc seem to break the command. The last posts in this recent thread are the most recent case where “re-editing” the command (and even adding a "blank line) seemed to fix the problem .

I’m not meaning to imply you have not “edited” the line correctly, but other experienced users have found this to be “finicky”, so you might want to check out their comments; It might help.


Just another data point. I have used this plugin without any problems for a few months now, but this weekend updated my wordpress install to the latest version. Now this plugin doesn’t seem to update. I’m still not sure where it is broken (since nothing looks wrong) or if it is even really a result of the wordpress upgrade.

Nagua, what version of WP are you running?

any news about this ?

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