Help With WP One Click Install on Existing Domain

Hello. I am new here but not to WP. I offered to assist an organization with building a new website powered by WP. Their current site is html and currently hosted by DH (

I would like to use the WP One-Click-Install, however the organization does not really want any down time with their current site.

Can someone point me in the direction of properly using the one click install without losing the current site until we are ready to go live with WP?


Create the new site in localhost, and then install WP on their site and upload the database.

Or, install WP in a subdirectory, create website there, and when finished, redirect WP to the subdirectory.

There’s going to be a little downtime either way, however.

Thanks. I’m not necessarily a fan of either of those options :frowning:
I thought there might be another way to be able to utilize the one-click install. The organization has now told me they are ok with the site being down for a day or two, which should be plenty of time for me to get some bare bones going.

With that said, for the one click install I understand that there must be no current files in the directory. I assume I’ll be able to just download the current contents via FTP, delete from the directory, and then use the one click install?

Thanks again

I would build the site on a sub-domain like Then move the dev site to the main url later (yes it can be done, its easier if you pick the same ‘user’ for the sub-domain as the main domain).