Help with Webmail

I’m new and pretty confused by all this.

In the ‘Mail’ section under ‘Webmamil’ I try to click on the webmail URL and it gives me an error message. When I click on the secure URL it takes me to Yahoo and says that it is an invalid request.

I don’t understand how to set up my e-mail so that I can enter all my customer addresses and things. Any help???


I am a little confused about what mail section you are talking about. Are you talking about in your Dreamhost account page, Windows control panel or your email program? Is your url If so, you can access your webmail by entering into your web browser line. That will take you to Squirrel Mail and then you enter in your email name that is set up in your Dreamhost account. Then you enter in your password that you set up to get into your Dreamhost account. That should get you into all your mail. Remember that this is web mail and that you can check your mail from any computer where you can get on the web. However, if you mainly check your mail from your computer at home, work, or your laptop, then you will probably want to not use webmail but use an email program like Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird. The webmail program is not very user friendly and is not as good as your own email program. It is also slower. I prefer Thunderbird because it is free and very user friendly. You can download it at If this helps you and you need more help setting up your email program let me know and I may be able to help you. If you use Thunderbird I can definately help you set it up because I have set up a lot of Thunderbird email accounts.