Help with VPS and Private MySQL


I am so confused about VPS Hosting and Private MySQL Servers that my hair hurts. Let me please explain what I am trying to accomplish and possibly someone can give me accurate info and the best way to accomplish my goal with the least amount of fuss and expense.

I currently have a shared hosting account with 10 hosted domains which have minimal traffic. I think I’m using 1/10 of 1% of my allocated bandwidth and even less of my disk space.

So, I am now looking to run an auction site. My initial thought was to open a separate account, to keep this totally isolated from everything else that I host at DH. Having run an auction site, previously, I can tell you that they must be fast if you are going to keep listers.

My initial thought was to get a 300 MB VPS and a Private MySQL DB, along with a unique IP address. One of the reasons that I want to isolate the script is because the developer provides a free script upgrade service each month as new features are added to the script. Obviously they will require access to the server.

With just that much info, let me see if I can ask questions that make any sense.

  1. Do I need to open a second account to keep everything separate from my shared hosting?

  2. Should I update my current account and take one of the domains in my shared account and just place it into VPS?

  3. Should I upgrade to VPS and run all of my domains under VPS?

  4. Will the auction domain be separate so when I give FTP info, nothing else on the server can be accessed.

  5. Will Private MySQL really show a noticeable speed increase?

  6. Am I so clueless as to be beyond help? :slight_smile:

Please bear in mind that although I do not want to waste money, I am not adverse to paying what’s required for the best solution, long term.

Bottom line - I want a zippy auction site.

Any info, suggestions and brilliant ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers. - Frank

  1. No, but it is probably advisable, given your requirements.

  2. That would appear to be the best choice.

  3. Only if the cost of having VPS + Shared is an issue.

  4. It will be, if run under it’s own “user”.

  5. Theoretically, yes.

  6. You asked all the right questions, so, No.

  1. Will Private MySQL really show a noticeable speed increase?

Regarding this, I haven’t noticed a very big speed increase in the query speed etc. But what I noticed was on the shared mysql databases sometimes the queries would just not complete timeout take more than 30 seconds etc. I haven’t had this issue with the PS mysql so it was worth switching to it.

My 2cs