Help with SSH

I’ve just signed up with Dreamhost and I’m attempting to move all my sites over - unforunately they contain lots of Mysql databases that are too large to import via phpmyadmin.

So I am attempting to do it via SSH - which I’ve never used before. I’m logged in and can see all my files but when I type the command into the command line and hit enter I just keep getting a message saying the host hasn’t answered and do I want to retry. Over and over and over. Here’s the command I’m typing as per the dreamhost wiki:

mysql -h -uusername -ppassword newdbname < outfile.sql

And yes I’ve changed the necessary things for my info. At least the -h -u and -p parts. newdbname I’m assuming is my database name which is forums and then the < outfile.sql I’m assuming is my vbulletin.sql file. I’ve tried putting just that and I’ve tried putting the full path to the file in but I still get the host not answering thing.

What am I missing? Never used SSH before so god only knows what I’m doing wrong.

Are you sure the database hostname has propagated? (Though if it’s still not working at this point, that probably isn’t it.)
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Yes it’s propegated. It finally connected and uploaded the file but it took a good hour I think before I finally got a response. Not exactly good.

If it was a DNS propigation issue, DreamHost has zero control over that. That can take up to 72 hours, and is just part of the way DNS works.

Since you were trying to get to it from the DreamHost server though, it probably wasn’t DNS propigation as much as it just taking a while for the host and database to be setup to begin with.

I agree it is a little slow, as I’ve had other hosting where those types of functions were always completed in 5 minutes. The good news is once it is set, it is done. I certainly wouldn’t consider the times I’ve experienced to be a major problem or I would have closed my account.

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