Help with site forwarding


Hi, I’m completely new to this, but I just registered a site with DreamHost.

I am not currently hosting my site with DreamHost, because all I wanted to do was route it to a tumblr blog page.

Tumblr says that I need to set the A-Record for my domain name to their IP address. Is there any way to do this without hosting through DreamHost?

I thought I could do this for the small registration fee, and not the $10/month hosting price.

What is the best way that I can go about changing my domain’s A-record? Is it possible to set it without hosting through a company such as DreamHost?

Thanks for any advice.





I have hosting, so I don’t know what a registration-only account looks like. I thought it let you control DNS. Look around for any DNS and/or Edit links in the panel.


Thanks for the help, but i can’t find anything in the panel. Does anyone know if this is possible, or of any other domain registration sites that would allow me to change the A-record without paying for hosting?[hr]
I think I just figured it out, I can sign up for “DNS-only” hosting. The website let me do it without agreeing to any contract or entering any billing info, so I am assuming that it is free. Anyone know for sure?