Help with seperating programs out of a database

Newbie question:

I installed Wordpress and Gallery in the same database and I was later told that it would be wise to install them in different databases. Is there a way to separate them without loosing the data? There isn’t a lot in Wordpress, but I have a number of pictures uploaded to Gallery. Thanks for your help!

I’m hoping that it’s a different DB user for each. In that case, you can do a dump to restore (migrate) for your WordPress database.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, if I recall correctly, it is the same use and the database for both WP and Gallery. Is that going to make it difficult?

Yes, you’ll need to list all the table names in mysqldump. The syntax is:
mysqldump [options] [db_name [tbl_name …]]
Keep this in mind when following the wiki instructions: