HELP WITH public_html FTP! please

Ok, hope this makes sense. I used to host elsewhere, were they had a public_html folder where i could put content that i could Password protect and some non protected. THis was i could make a link of the item (say a picture of a apple) so then when i use that link in a html coder, when i submit it, then on the page(say a website or template in html) my apple appears instead of the url for that image i have hosted

i have WP in my root directory

and i am semi-familiar with FTP

any help would be greatly appreciated, ive been working with this all day and feel i have gone brain numb and need a nudge of help from someone more experienced

DH doesn’t generate public_html folders. for each domain name you have fully hosted there is a folder and that is where you put your files.

Is there anyway you could private message me and help me sometime, ive been reading and tyring and i am brain numb at this point. Please please please lol i know it probably simple but i just cant figure it out

The private messages don’t work on this message board anymore (at least not for me says I don’t have permission sad panda). You can send me an e-mail though. Well I’m assuming you can send me an e-mail. I’ve never actually tried to use the e-mail function on this board before but hopefully I would get it :slight_smile: