Help with PHPBB Message Board

HI … I have a PHPBB Message Board on my site, and there is an item on that board that I would like to make into a “sticky”. However, because it was created by someone else (without “sticky” access), I can’t find a way to do that. Does anyone else know how to do that?

ALSO … can I give this one person “sticky” access? I don’t necessarily want to give him full access to Administrator functions, but would like to give him the option to create a “sticky”

It took me a while to find this when I first used a phpBB, so don’t feel bad. :slight_smile:

I think you have to “edit” the first post in the thread. Kind of towards the bottom there is a set of radio buttons like this:

Post topic as: o Normal o Sticky o Announcement

Click on “Sticky” and save.

And yes, you can either give a single person the ability to make posts sticky by forum or you can create a group that has customized permissions by forum. You could also make them a moderator in a forum because that includes the ability to sticky posts (but includes other privileges as well).

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