Help with PHP Script

Hello all, im just wondering… does DreamHost support remote server downloading / uploading?

Basically, its a PHP script that when you enter in the links you want, it downloads from that remote server then uploads it to your server automatically.

Currently my ISP is really bad and the max upload speed we get is 512kbps but it never actually does reach that speed. (More like 20kbps max). So this script is really important for me. Also, i have used it many times with other hosts so im sure it works fine.

Is this supported? If yes, then is there any specific configurations needed to make it work on DreamHost?

If anyone wants to look at the script, feel free to ask and ill give you a link to it.


It sounds ok. There are other ways for that, like wget in shell. Give a link and somebody will look. <standard warning about copyright TOS …>

Here you go,

Its a free script by the way. I think it was hotscripts where i found it.

And thanks about the wget. I might search into that and see if i could use that as well.

This script does not work without changes. It uses fopen. Use forum search for more.

Why are the authors’ sites down?