Help with php.ini

hey there… i need help with changing the upload limit in the php.ini file… ive gone through the forums and also the wiki…
but the thing is that im a begginer…
i dont know how to use shell or ssh…
wat other way can i do it?

You can’t.

If you’re uncomfortable with working in a shell, then I strongly suggest not making the change and find another way around it in whatever php script you’re using.
However, if there’s someone you know who has a better knowledge of computers than yourself, who isn’t too afraid to try working in the shell, then I’d say ask them to do it for you. It’s really not that difficult if you follow along with the instructions, exactly as they’re written in the wiki.

You can also abandon PHP for uploading purposes, and use a script written in perl, for instance, which will not have that limitation.


I’ll agree with Mousee. If you are not familiar with SSH, I won’t suggest you to make changes by yourself.

I’m not sure whether DH support will do it for you or not. But there is no harm to send a ticket to them and ask for help. Just tell them you do not want to mess up their servers and please increase the upload limit for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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They have made it very clear that they will not modify default PHP settings for a user. I think it is great that they allow you do do it yourself, as many (most?) won’t let you do such a thing.

There may not be any harm, but is an unnecessary and inappropriate request to make of support, and therefore needlessly increases the support queue. It is not reasonable to ask them to change a setting that they have placed in effect for the mutual benefit of all shared server users; if they didn’t think that was an appropriate setting, they would not have set it that way in the first place. :wink: