Help With PHP Error


Sadly I’m in need of some assistance. I recently uploaded PHPMyChat – Plus… It’s up and running, but there is a message above the input box.

Warning: main(): Failed opening ‘./…/config/config.lib.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/www/ on line 96

I tried to google the error… But nothing useful came up. Sadly I’m rather new to PHP and MySQL so I know nothing as of yet… I would really appreciate some help.


it seems it tries to include some file but failed.

read the installation guide carefully. some program is strict with the folder they reside.

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As nathan mentioned, this could be due to either a permission problem with the config directory or the file. Also, could be the file is just not there or uploaded in the wrong format.

I would suggest double checking the file is in the config directory, if that does not work…

Using puTTY or something of the like — ssh to the server and login to your directory. In your /home/www/

Change like 96 from:


Now if that doesn’t work, just type: ‘pwd’ without the single quotes and paste in your file path to the file…such as:

Hope this helps.

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