Help with Perl Session Cookie

Hi there,
I have a script that I believe is assigning session cookies to a cache server–instead of individual browsers/computers. For example, in a school where a chache is used people can view each others’ pages, etc. Can anyone please help me in identifying how to modify this? Thanks!


I believe this is the part of the script:

require “$basedir/tempfiles/modules/token.mod”;

get data from login form then set user data token

if ($FORM{‘username’} ne “”) { $setmytoken =1; }
if ($FORM{‘password’} ne “”) { $setmytoken =1; }
if ($setmytoken ==1) { &setmytoken; }

nonetheless get user data token info and setup username and password veriables

if ($FORM{‘co’} eq “signoff”) { &clearmytoken; }