Help with PDFtk or gcj

I am trying to install pdftk to my dreamhost account. Any help? One of the main roadblocks is getting either APT-GET to install to my use home, or, get a working install of GCJ and compile myself.

Any suggestions?

I too would love to have pdftk running. Have you had any luck? Anyone out there help out?


Sorry but considering the amount of dependencies required to build gcj alone, assuming it would all work once built, I’m going to say looking for an alternative is your best option.

It would take me at least 2-3 weeks just to write up an install script for it and have it all properly configured, and again that’s assuming gcj would compile properly under our shared account with no root access. It’s just not a task I consider viable unless it’s the only optional available, and I personally don’t have any time in the near future to take on such a project. You might consider setting up a suggestion in the control panel for pdftk support, or even better - ask support if they can install gcj on your server temporarily so you can build pdftk on it. :slight_smile:

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Hey Mousee – thanks for the response. I think I’m realizing the extent of my inability to do this, both technically and in terms of permissions. I’ve put up a suggestion, but its a good idea just to ask if I can put gcj temporarily up there. Thanks!


I have tried PDFtk on four other hosts, same deal No dice, but I’ve read that someone got it to compile, and work on one large host site. It’d be really cool if it worked here, another niche for DH. But they don’t see it that way, for reasons they know and we (some of us) don’t have experience with.

I’d really like to have use of it as well. There’s a few cases where I need the individual to have a filled out PDF in hand as well as have data in a database. So if I have to enter it and they have to fill out the form, why not have them enter it- and I get a copy in the DB, and present them with a filled out form. allows merge of form field into pdf form or vice versa…

example on dreamhost

“Not Found” - could be WordPress rewrites jumping in the way.

Can you see the resultant .fdf files in the correct location (via FTP) after running the script?

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Hi sXi,

i got the email notification that you filled in the form. the file was available by ftp. I edited the php file to save files with a combination of the number and the email addresses of the person filling it out. for some reason though I mis coded it and spaces are getting added… i thought I put something in to trim out spaces/ extra characters but that apparently didn’t happen. I did get an email with a link to the fdf you created… it does work beautifully…

also I got this response back from support regarding installing PDFtk… ello,

On Sun, 21 Feb 2010, you wrote:

[quote]Hi is there a way to get pdftk installed?


I’d be happy to clarify!

We don’t support the installation of any third party software, so I
really couldn’t tell you what would need to be done specifically, but
from what I’ve found online here’s info on how to install (we run on
Debian Linux servers):

That should get you set, but if you have any specific questions or issues
while installing, feel free to reply.

Chris L