Help with Passenger!

I have spent the last day scouring the Internet on how to upload a Ruby on Rails app to Dreamhost and then run it using Passenger.

I followed the tutorial, but I always get this error saying that it couldn’t find rake-10.x.x or whatever.

After creating a config/setup_load_paths.rb (per suggestions on Stack Overflow), it now says that the application exited during startup (i.e. during evaluation of config/environment.rb).

I now admit that I am absolutely clueless now, pretty sure that I’ve gone through the first 30 results in Google search for all permutations and combinations of the words: ruby, rails, passenger, error, etc.

I am relatively new to Ruby on Rails, only starting quite recently, and completely new to DreamHost and deployment, since all of my apps have just been run on localhost.

*** The one thing that I thought of is that I am running Ruby 2.0.0 while DreamHost might only support 1.8.7 with Passenger? This would be a problem because I do the new hash style instead of using hashrockets, which means that I have to change all of my code? Is there an easier way to convert code to older versions of ruby?

And one last thing (sorry for the long post, but MANY thanks for your help), uploading to DreamHost is ridiculously slow, starting at a few kb/s and then gradually slowing down to < 1 kb/s, meaning that it took a few hours to even upload my app. What’s wrong? I am pretty sure that my university Internet is incredibly fast, especially on Ethernet.