Help with omeka upload


I am completely knew to this and am struggling with some very basic instructions in the Omeka installation directions. I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this!

In the installation instructions ( I’m being directed to “upload the directory and all of its content to the server”. Am I correct in assuming my “server” is my mySQL database? Because I’ve tried connecting to it via an FTP client (Filezilla) and no matter which port I use, I’m being rejected. So I thought I’d step back and assess my assumptions.

Anyone who can help point out the obvious to me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Negative. Your server is and you log in with your user credentials and upload the omeka files into the folder (obviously is your actual url). As for your mysql database be sure to input the hostname you created for it (or one of your existing hostnames as they are interchangeable) and the username, password, and database name in the db.ini file as that information will (should) be different from your user login credentials.

Thank you so much - I actually just realized that and am now struggling with renaming the directory so that I can get the Omeka installation finished properly, but that’s a whole other question! I am happy to now be at the point where at least shows that Omeka is there but not properly configured - I did edit the db.ini file but I’m wondering if I did it wrong. If that’s the case I might re-upload it?

Thanks again.

yes if you didn’t input the correct information you could just edit the ini file again and reupload so it overwrites the file on the server.