Help with new account and FP

Hello all,
I have just opened a dreamhost acount. I have a reseller account with another company and am considering moving to dreamhost 100%. SO FAR, I am not having much luck or success however.
I have a number of issues/questions…

  1. I am completely confused by the log-in usernames and how to set-up the sites. On the other service I use each domain is 100% separate… I have 2 webservices/Domains enabled on my dreamhost account, how do I make it so that people can log into only one domain and not both??

  2. I am also using FP and as of yet have been unable to log into my domain. When I try it says it needs FP extensions enabled??? I am using office XP with FP…

What I really need is to make each domain 100% isolated for the users of the domains and figure out how to get FP working WITHOUT going to FP server…


I am not what I consider NEW to hosting sites. I have had my own reseller accounts over at Dixie and 8-95 for years. They are VERY straightforward and easy to manipulate.

Seriously, I can’t even get FP to log into my website to fix it since the move, the users/email thing is not very understandable either… Can anyone please help me?? If it is going to be this complex, I may just cancel my account and stay at, thier Direct Admin panel is much nicer to use.

I know nothing about FP, so can’t help you there. But as for the reseller option, you may want to read this thread.

and/or this thread