HELP with mysql setup


I’m desperately frustrated, and hope someone can help me. I’m used to setting up mysql on Hostgator, which makes it super easy, then using Filezilla to access my database. Enter client who uses Dreamhost . . .

I set up the database yesterday via the Dreamhost control panel. I now have a hostname and a user set up. However, I can’t access it via FTP, PuTTy, WinSCP, or anything else. When I click on “phpmyadmin” in the dreamhost panel I get an URL not found error.

The client’s domain is registered with GoDaddy, nameservers were pointed to Dreamhost weeks ago. I plan to build a WordPress site here and if I can’t get access to the database I’m dead in the water.

Please help!


Is the domain active? Did you set up hosting at DH yet?

Unless you have authorized another IP, You can only access phpMyAdmin from inside the Dreamhost panel for security reasons.

Once you have full hosting set up for the domain, you could also just use DH’s one-click to set up WordPress. It will create the database credentials also. Very easy.


The domain is active, I’ve got the hosting, and I did try accessing the phpMyAdmin from inside the panel. I’ve also set up my IP address as allowed for the user.


When you go to the domain, do you see a DH parking page or blank page? Anything?
How long since you transferred the domain? If it’s more than 48 hours ago, perhaps you need to open a ticket with DH.

Note: You cannot FTP into this database, you can only access it via the shell or via phpmyAdmin (via your browser)

Creating database sub-domains from inside the panel is usually a pretty automatic thing and they propagate within a day, usually.

You could also try the WordPress one-click, see if it works.


I see the DH parking page. Yes, it’s been more than 48 hours. Isn’t the one-click install only for the free version of WordPress? I’m going to be doing custom design and must have access to the files.


There is only one kind of WordPress, the open-source package that you can also download from

The one-click puts a standard full version of WordPress where you ask it to. Choose the full/custom process.
There are some plug-ins and themes included but other than that, it’s the same set of files you would have uploaded by hand.


Thanks for your quick responses! If I use the One Click will I then be able to get to the database? I have to have access to the files.[hr]
I also have concerns about the 1-click install being less secure. Thoughts?


You will. It will be listed with your other databases in the panel. You will get an email from DH to complete the WP installation. It’s only semi-automated.

The only thing that might have made one-clicks less secure in the past was because there were a lot of themes and plug-ins included that, if you didn’t either keep up with or remove could possibly become security holes.

Also, older pre-3.0 versions of WP wouldn’t necessarily have the latest security additions added (like salts in the config file, for example) after being upgraded.

Since a pretty big outbreak of infected/hacked sites earlier this year, DH has tightened up the one-click installs and gotten rid of a lot of the stuff they used to automatically include.

Just remove anything you aren’t using.


So I tried the One-click and it didn’t work. I got this message:

We were unable to set up wordpress as requested at:

The problem was we couldn’t download the wordpress installation files!
(Looked at xxxxxxx:)
Please wait a little bit and attempt to re-install it again later.

Please correct this and go to our web panel and re-submit your
wordpress installation request.

Thanks, and sorry about that!
The Happy DreamHost Installer Robot


Seems like something’s not set up correctly with your domain.
You’ve created a user and set your domain up as fully hosted under that user?

If you know that you can access your web root folder via ftp or the shell and it’s web readable, I’d suggest opening a support ticket with Dreamhost.