Help with my RSS feed please

Ok I am EXTREMELY new to all of this so please forgive me if I use the wrong words or am otherwise completely stupid. I am attempting to start a podcast. I have a Dreamhost server/website up and running ( I’m trying to set up a RSS feed so I can put the show on iTunes. I first tried uploading the files through the theme’s media area but the max is 7mb which is too small. So instead I went into the FTP and manually uploaded the file. I have the files go to Now… I would like two things. 1) I want to have a show listings as well as description and the ability to listen/download the shows from which I have up and running right now. But the second thing I want to do is where I am stuck. I have a feed page all set up and you can go there and subscribe and all that… the problem is I have NO clue how to edit that page so I can put links to my shows there. Or how to point that page to look for the shows on the /shows page. Or do whatever it is I need to do.

So short story. The /shows page is exactly how I want it for now. I just can’t figure out what I need to do to get not only my episodes on the /feed page but also get the .xml file to give to iTunes. I’ve been working on this for 3 days straight and I am still lost and getting even more confused. Also I’m using Powerpress to help me out but even that doesn’t do what I want or give me a .xml file or anything.

Thank you so much in advance for any help.