Help with Moving site here

OK, so I signed up with Dream Host… got in to the Control Center and setup my first account for a website that is being hosted elsewhere but is to be moved here (yes, I changed the DNS nameservers to,

After I setup the account it brought me to a page showing the username and password for the hosting space this particular website will be on and it says it will be on

So in my FTP program (Ipswitch WS FTP Pro) do I put as the host name, or the domain itself which is what I have been doing up until now.

It’s been more than 10 minutes now and I still cannot contact the account at Dream Host with my FTP program so I can upload the website… should I just continue to wait?

I tend to use the DreamHost name of the server, so if my domain isn’t resolving to that server for whatever reason (I am a developer, so there are fantastic ways in which I can break domain resolution :slight_smile: ), I can still access the server without knowing the IP address.

It is also useful in case you need your domain to point at the former hosting server, while moving over the site files. It sounds like you’ve already changed your nameservers, so I bet either will work for you.

OK, not sure what do do now other than wait and hope someday the new account for this site is activated on Dream Host.

I put in and the username and password… but my FTP program is still unable to login to this newly created webspace where I want to upload content to for the particular site I’m going to move here first.

When you setup a new site (not speaking about the domain name itself) on Dream Host… how long does the account take to be activated?

Generally, no. Have you used SFTP? There is an FTP overview in the DH docs.

Also, the way to check if a site has been set up is by visiting the site and seeing if the default DH pages are showing (that little robot chilling out). Did you say you’ve already updated your nameservers? Does it show that page? If so, your site was setup correctly.

If your domain isn’t yet pointing at the new server, you can override your hosts files, but that is fairly advanced, and I don’t actually know all the stuff you know. :slight_smile: If none of those are viable options for ya, I suggest opening a help ticket, they’ll get you up and running.

OK, the DNS info has been updated by my registrar and I was able to select SFTP in my FTP program to connect and upload files… so I’m making progress.

Once I logged in I see that rather than calling the main folder “html files” which is what mine have always been named… it shows the domain name instead

Can the name of the main folder be changed?

Yep! I am mobile so I can’t check at the moment, but it is in the domain listing, you edit the settings or something. Poke around in the docs on that, I am sure it is covered somewhere. But also, the name of that directory won’t affect much, but it is useful when you have multiple sites (including maybe a staging site for when you want to test something), so I recommend you leave it.

But it can definitely be changed. :slight_smile:

OK, thanks for the info!

So, what’s the scoop for the SSL cert expiring in 90 days?

Is that going to automatically be renewed or do I need to login every 90 days and do something to renew the SSL cert?

Also, I have been using NMS cgi scripts for email forms and never had any issues… are those allowed?

If not, does Dream Host have scripts I can use?

After initially being able to create webspace at Dream Host for my site… I had clicked on SSL but that was cancelled since the DNS info at my registrar had not been updated yet.

So, once that was updated and I could see my site on Dream Host servers… I went ahead and deleted it so I could do the setup again and this time get the SSL setup included.

That’s been about 20 minutes ago and I still have the site not found page. As already mentioned, the DNS info at my domain registrar has been updated so I know that’s not the issue.

Does it just take a while for a new site to be live?

Also… during setup, I made it where the main folder is titled “html_files” and since this is how it’s labeled on my local machine when uploading I just sent the entire folder… that’s not a problem, is it?

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