Help With Mirrored Site please


Hi, hoping someone can help, would really appreciate some help.

I created a mirror site whilst waiting for my domain name to transfer. I set up my WP site and everything was working perfectly. My transfer then became active and I could view the home page of my website through my normal domain name, the rest of the pages all continued to divert to the url, so I emailed support and asked them how I made my usual domain name the primary one.

They advised my I could go ahead and delete the mirrored site, because all my database was safely under my usual domain name.

So I did this, My site disappeared entirely (Error establishing a database connection). I emailed support and they advised my to login to my database and change all mirrored domain references to my new domain.
Which I painstakingly did. My site is still down and has been for over a day which is extremely worrying. (I created the mirror to try and avoid downtime).

Can anyone give me any advice, I have been waiting over 22 hours for support to get back to me.

I’m even prepared to start over from scratch, but don’t know how to remove the old database without it compromising the new site.

Any advise would be really appreciated.
Thanks. (Newbie - Obviously!)


Did you try reinstating the mirror?


I deleted it entirely so there are no options to re-instate it. :frowning:


Do you need to add your database information to your wp-config.php file?


Support never mentioned this. I’m so frustrated. Does anyone know how I start over. i.e… New wordpress install on same domain name? Can I just delete the current database, if so, will it allow me to create a new one using the same domain. I’m worried If I go ahead and do this the old database may still be connected to it in some way (I’ve seen you can re-instate database so assume it will hang around somewhere for a while and interfere with a new setup…)


You can’t add the mirror back via Panel > Manage Domains ?

All the files are there and your database is there and it will be simple to get it working. I think it’s just a case that you were just given instructions from someone who didn’t understand what you were doing.


No, my mirrored domain is no longer in the manage domain area so I have no way of re-instating.
My database is stored under my primary domain, which I can access, it just doesn’t communicate with it.


Sorry for the delayed reply on your tickets! Looks like we just needed to update your password in your wp-config.php file. It’s working now, so I’ll be responding to your emails shortly. Thanks for your patience!


Thank you… This has been driving me crazy!