Help with Migrating my Wordpress site to dreamhost


Hi, I’m new to dreamhost. I am trying to migrate my Wordpress site which I have never done before. I used a plugin called Duplicator to import the site but it does not work. I tried a lot of times with no luck. So now I am trying to Manually transfer the site. I followed the DH instructions – pointing my url to DH. Used the one-click Wordpress installer to create a folder which makes no sense to me since I want to replace it with the old one. So, my questions are:
1- do I upload the old website folder to my public root folder or swipe everything out of the new folder with the same name as the old site url and replace it. which brings me to the another question:
2- Is there a way to access the Public Folder - Root access besides viewing it through the ftp window? and
3-Does anyone have any idea why I can’t upload the .sql file to my database. I keep getting different error messages- PHP Version 4.4.9. Is this the php of the .sql file because I see in my panel that I have PHP 5.5. The message changes every time I try to import. The other message read: Server Version 5.5.32. PLEASE HELP. my site has been down for several days now and I can’t seem to get anyone to help me fix it. They said its beyond their job description. thanks, Laura P


The version numbers that you’re reporting don’t match up with DreamHost’s software versions at all. Are you completely sure that you’ve pointed your domain over to DreamHost and given it enough time to take effect?