Help with lazy webmaster

I registered the name of a website for a group of friends and I to run a Simple Machines forum on. It is hosted on another site that the so called “Webmaster” chose and he has access to the files. I am an admin so I can create backups of the site. My question is, we want to take the site back because we are sick of this guy and want to host it elsewhere perhaps on here. Is this possible to do with just the backup? I attempted to do and and thought I configured the settings correctly but everytime I try and set up Simple Machines it says it cannot connect via ftp.

Where are you trying to set up SMF and at what step is it saying that it can’t connect?

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Okay well I got SMF to install fine. That part worked great finally, then what I tried to do was go into the Dreamhost Sql control panel and import the Backup from the forum. I then get this error:

SQL query:

CREATE TABLE pbl_feedbot_log (

ID_FEED mediumint( 8 ) NOT NULL default ‘’,
feedhash tinytext NOT NULL default ‘’,
feedtime int( 10 ) unsigned NOT NULL default 0,

MySQL said:

#1067 - Invalid default value for ‘ID_FEED’

well mediumint is a numeric type, and you’re telling it the default should be a string. that doesn’t make much sense, does it?

unfortunately i don’t know enough about what you’re doing to tell you how to fix it.

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But wait, isn’t that SQL statement coming from the the standard SMF import script?

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The problem is that the statement is saying “NOT NULL” and yet the default is being set to NULL (i.e. ‘’). You can try to set the default to 0 on that line and the next and it might work. Alternatively, you could allow those fields to be null.

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‘’ is not the same as NULL. it’s possible to have a field defined as CHAR(0) which can be either NULL or ‘’, and it’s also possible to tell the difference between those two values.

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I appear to have been incorrect, thank you misterhaan for pointing it out. MySQL handles ‘’, NULL, and 0 as false, but not all as NULL. I would assume ‘’ would still be considered a string, even if empty, which would not be valid for a mediumint field, but we’ve seen where my assumptions get me :wink:

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Okay got it working. Thank you.