Help with installing Joomla!

I am attempting to install joomla, and although I have never done this and I have never used joomla I seriously do not think it is me with the issue here.

That being said, when trying to install from the control panel under “one click install” it keeps giving me an error regarding my password, it says to use “ALL LOWER CASE” and I know the difference (see THIS, I really do know the difference) but regardless, typing in CAPS or lowercase it still gives me this error.

My name is Adam and it is under the account.

Can anyone fix this thing?

Thanks in advance,


As this is primarily a customer-to-customer forums, you aren’t going to get any direct help here, as far as someone logging into your account to “fix” it for you anyways.

That said, I’ve never personally installed Joomla! via the one-click installer, as I prefer the flexibility of doing a custom install, and therefore I can’t help you I’m afraid :frowning:

If you really feel it’s an issue with the one-click or your account specifically, you can always contact support via the control panel. Otherwise, someone here might be able to help you better than I :wink: