Help with image browser plugin Wordpress

I downloaded and installed the image browser plugin for Wordpress, per instructions. All works fine, I see the Insert Image link/button, and it pops up a window with the image browser, but the images in the popup image browser are not visible! All the images appear as red x’s (in IE, in Safari they’re question marks, haven’t checked in Firefox). I can see the filenames, and select one, and the code appears and I can select that, but the images themselves are red x’s.

Dreamhost recommends that file uploads go to the /wp-content directory. I actually have the blog in /wp-content/themes/classic, so I changed the file upload path to that. But still, all the images I upload appear as red x’s in the image browser (either way, /wp-content or /wp-content/themes/classic).

What’s going on? The images are actually being uploaded, I can see the filenames in the directory listing when I ftp to the site.

Thanks for any help…Susie

Argh, never mind, I fixed it. Stupid mistake…