Help With How to Upload my New Web Pages

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve uploaded webpages …

I can’t figure it out … Could somebody please help me to upload my new webpages?


– Jim

There used to be a much easier way to upload than this. Is this now the only method to upload webpages … ???


This method is much too complicated for me. I need to use the other way to upload webpages … Where I can see all of my files and directories … and just upload directly to them …

go into windows, map a network drive, add your account details, and click save. then you can see everything right on your desktop.

of course, windows will use standard FTP which will transmit your credentials in plain text over the vast internet, so don’t come back crying when your site gets hacked.

I’m using a Mac Pro (running Snow Leopard 10.6.8).

Same concept. Map a network drive. Do it over ssh if you are on a Mac so that you don’t show the whole world your credentials. Here are some details:

I’m assuming the old method where I could simply go directly to my file and directories no longer works … ???


This system is much too complicated for me …

I need to find something else (another Web Host) that still offers the old-style system of uploading files which is much more user-friendly …


I used to be able to get into my files and directories quickly and easily and upload my webpages without having to go through any complicated procedure … What happened to that system?

I’m still trying to log in to the Shell, but cannot log in …

I keep getting error messages:

“Cannot find user, please try again. Make sure your Caps Lock is not engaged!”

I know that I have the correct information, as I’ve been communicating with DreamHost Tech Support this evening …

Anyone else having similar problems … ???

I don’t see what your problem is.
Just use a program like FileZilla (also available for Mac and free) and with that you will have 2 panels which you set up as standard. 1 is your computer the other is your
Do use SFTP for security

I finally figured out how to get my new webpages uploaded! Have six new pages uploaded with active links.

Now I need to work on WordPress …