Help with horde/imp

I need help getting Horde/IMP to work. I’ve unzipped them properly on my space, and if anyone wants to go see the result, it’s at

I need help with the error messages. I set it up according to , so if there are any errors in there please tell me. Thank you.

I suppose that imap isnt configured with PHP. I’m going to write support and request that it be, if possible. If not… I dunno.

You may need to compile your own custom PHP in order to get Horde to work. You’ll also probably need some PEAR modules.

You don’t need all of the things that are indicated in red, but IMAP is definitely required.

I can do that? I thought only root could compile PHP. I’m not on a dedicated server, just the Crazy Domain Insane plan.

As long as you install it in your user space, you don’t need to be root.


You could probably figure out with phpinfo, but I /think/ that at least our php-cgi build has IMAP support now, though I could be wrong.

To build with IMAP support, you may need to install some IMAP libraries into your user space as well.

Hmm… I think I’ll do that… someday.

For now I just got IlohaMail working, which is good for now.

I don’t believe IMAP is supported.

Anybody have suggestions on how to deal with compiling imap and then PHP so that it works? I’m running into:

configure: error: Cannot find rfc822.h. Please check your IMAP installation.

Thanks for ANY assistance!!!

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You’d need to download the IMAP module from here:

Then the installation proecdure is something like this:

untar it
cd into the appropriate directory
make lnp
mkdir ~/usr/include
mkdir ~/usr/lib
cp c-client/*.h ~/usr/include/
cp c-client/c-client.a ~/usr/lib/libc-client.a

Then, when you’re compiling PHP, include this in the configure command: