Help with Google Sites DNS Change



Hello everyone,

I’m trying to do the following. I have a website hosted by DreamHost ( which was served up by Joomla on a DreamHost server. We have decided to go with a Google Sites site going forward. Not the Google Apps, but just a Google Sites (attached to a personal Google account). In the past we had played with the Google Apps, but I have (I think) completely removed it. Let’s assume that is the case.

OK, that’s the history. What I would like to do is change my DNS so that if someone points their browser at either or, they end up at our Google Sites site which is

I have currently put in a hack which is an index.html that is redirecting them to the above site, but of course when they get there it shows in the URL.

My site has been verified using the “html file” method where I generated the html file and put it in the docroot of my dreamhost account- but I’m sure if this is even necessary. I’d like to retain access to my dreamhost server, but more for storage, and in case the whole Google Sites thing does not work out. I plan to access it via the actual server name or the “dreamhoster” name.

Do I need to create a CDATA record? If so, what is the format (since I only get one try every twelve hours due to the DNS propagation restrictions). Anything else?

I have read the forums, but most of them are pretty dated entries and it appears that maybe some of the screens have changed. Many of them also deal with Google Apps which although similar, is different.

Thanks very much in advance for your help!



Per this doc, you need a CNAME:


Thanks Ipstenu-DH. I’ve read that a few times :-).

In my case, I do not have a www subdomain. In the DNS settings, I have told it to add a www. to if someone enters just

Since the above link says to put www in the blank, should I first create a subdomain when I setup the CDATA records, or should I leave it bank?

Hope that made sense - And thanks!

Rats - read it a few times but missed this key bit of information.

“Mappings are restricted to sub-domain level only, such as,, or You can’t map your domain to what is known as a naked domain, such as”