Help with FTP: Gives error when logging in

When I try to login, some of the time it works, and other times it does not. Here is what I get:

[15:34:36] 220-If prompted differently use the userID and password associated with the server you are trying to connect. You have already authenticated…
[15:34:36] 220-
[15:34:36] 220-
[15:34:36] 220 Check Point FireWall-1 Secure FTP server running on edsdog
[15:34:36] USER chickan
[15:34:36] 331 password: you can use RADIUS-password
[15:34:36] PASS (hidden)
[15:34:49] 421-Access denied - wrong user name or password
[15:34:49] 421 aborted

Searching around it looks like 331 password RADIUS is when you are already logged in. However, I get this error even after being logged out for several days. The only way I get around it is to keep trying to login. I use SmartFTP browser (winblows here at work), and the password is stored, so I know it is correct. Also, when it gets to that step, it usually takes some time, in the case above, 13 seconds.

Any solution? Ever ran into this before?