Help with FeedWordPress

I have followed the wiki and FeedWordpress’s cron job isn’t working for me. I have added the command I’m using and have taken out my username and domain. The command that follows is to get a cron log. Can someone please help me?


You might want to check out the DH Wiki article on running PHP from cron. :wink:


When you need to have cron execute a PHP script, you have to ask yourself this question:

Does it need to run as CGI (by a web server) or as CLI (from the command line)?

If you want to run it as CGI, then you need to employ an HTTP client that will act as a web browser.

The example you posted was using the CLI method where the command executes PHP and PHP runs the PHP script.

I have not taken a look at the PHP source, but it seems the original code is designed to work either way. However I found a place offering a modified version that assumes it is running as CGI.

Having said that, you can probably get by with the following command:

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