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I am new to DreamHost and am having quite a few issues. I am using my DNS from and changed the name servers and added an A entry pointing to DreamHost. My site ( does not show my website. I ran the Concrete5 installer, but can’t see anything. I get a generic site using Firefox and a error id: “bad_httpd_conf” using IE. Please help!!!


if you updated the name servers have you actually gone to manage domains on your dh panel and added the domain name to be fully hosted? also you wouldn’t need to add an A record so you may want to delete that


I have added my domain as fully hosted. I will go in and delete the A record right now. Do I need to have any records with Moniker?[hr]
I got it figured out. It turns out that you do need an A record.


Ryo-ohki is correct. You shouldn’t require a specific A record, really.