Help with error


I am getting error id: “bad_httpd_conf” . They just moved me to another server about 10 hours ago, which is when they started. Sometimes they will go away, but come back after a while. DH said there was no problems. They said they didnt get the error when they went to the site. I also talked to some other ppl who said they could get on the site, but I still couldnt. Anyone have any advice???


The one time I saw the ‘bad_httpd_conf’ error here, it was resolved by removing the domain in the Web Panel and re-adding it.

Having said that; My problem at the time was not intermittent, the error occured 100% of the time.

The intermittent nature of your issue, and the fact that you have recently been moved between servers, suggests that you may be experiencing some kind of DNS propagation issue.

My advice would be to sit tight and wait, the issue may resolve itself.


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I’d try clearing out your cache and see if you can then connect to it.

There’s no need to remove the domain from the panel to clear out a bad-htpd-conf error though. This problem arrises from the error in writing out the http configuration file for your website. Often you are able to fix it your self by loging into the Panel > Domains > Manage Domains > edit > save changes. When you edit the domain and save the changes, even if there wern’t any changes, it send that configuration file to be re-made. This normally clears out the problem, but if it still persists after 2 or so hours, you should contact support and ask them to check into it for you.


I didn’t think of that at the time, it is definitely an easier way than removing the domain and could have saved me some time.

I will remember this if the problem ever re-occurs for me, thanks for the info.


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Awsome matttail, I did the edit/save and it stopped instantly!