Help with error on phpBB

I’ve switched over my hosting and uploaded all my sql files…supossedly successfully…I didn’t see any errors while uploading, but when I hop over to my site I see this:

Could not query attachment information


SQL Error : 1146 Table ‘jan.phpbb_attachments_config’ doesn’t exist

SELECT * FROM phpbb_attachments_config

Line : 80
File : attachment_mod.php

From what I understand, I need to create the table phpbb_attachments_config on my database through the phpbbmyadmin/mysql.

I have no clue what values or number of fields to give this table, or what ANY of this means actually…I’m in over my head here.
if you want to peek for yourself:

Can anyone help me, or point me somewhere where I can begin to unravel this?


In the attachment mod there should be an upgrade script, which would add the tables for you. It may be possible the attachment mod is still looking for your old database.

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