Help with Drupal

I have created a domain name and have uploaded Drupal 5.1 to the domains ftp site. I want to run drupal and am very new to all this. From what I have read I need to go to goodies/mangemysql - which I did. I then setup a host name and database. Following the directions on other forums, I have then tried to upload drupal databases. I keep getting errors. Can someone help a noob out. I mean, I am not very savvy when it comes to this stuff.



Here is wiki fu

After creating your database and uploading drupal the first time you go to your site it will give an installer that willtake you through setting it up. When it comes to setting up the database you need to click advanced and change localhost to whatever you set up for the database and just fill in the username, password and database name.

The installer will set up the database for you so you don’t need to upload anything manually to mysql.

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