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Hello Everyone.

In the past, I have used GoDaddy to purchase my domains and never had a problem changing name servers. My latest domain that I purchased, a few days ago, was done using Wix. Having never used Wix before for domain registration, I did not realize until afterwards that you can’t change name servers. I purchased a DreamHost hosting plan, so I’m trying to point the site away from Wix.

I changed the A Name to the 3 IP addresses that DreamHost had in an email they sent me. I deleted the CNAME that was in there since it was Wix related. But I’m still not getting the website to load. It just times out and nothing is loading at all, not even a generic park page. What do I need to do?

Appreciate your time and help. Thank you.

ps - site is

It looks like the 3 A records you set are DreamHost’s DNS servers (, ns2..., etc). Those IP addresses should only be used name-server (NS) records.

What you’ll want to do is lookup your site’s webhosting IP address in DH’s Panel and set a single A record to that address.

Full directions at:

Thank you so much! Very helpful.

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