Help with database

oh wow i need some big time help im havin major issues transferring my website over from my old host to dream host

my old host had cpanel dream host dosent
dream host has shell access my old host didnt

so transferring over my database has been really crazy

whats worse is I dont know how to use shell
plus when i login to my database using phpmyadmin I cant find the “import” option ANYWHERE so i cant even import the .sql file over!

So my question is:
How can I transfer my database backup file over to dream host using a shell command? or by using phpmyadmin?

Please help

phpmyadmin will be easiest for you, as long as your sql file isn’t too big. I think 8mb is the limit for phpmyadmin?

Log into phpmyadmin, click the little icon that says sql in the upper left hand area of the page. Click the import tab in the window that pops open. browse for your files, and click go.

If that doens’t work out for you’ll need to use shell. First you have to edit your user to allow shell log in. Panel > User > Manage Users. Edit the user, and put a tick mark in for shell access. Once that takes effect you’ll be able to connect to ssh/telnet with that user. You can use Microsoft’s Hyper Terminal for telnet access, or you can download a nice program called putty for ssh access. Both programs are effectivly the same, it doesn’t matter which one you use.

You’ll have to upload your sql file to your webspace. Just connect via FPT and drop your sql file into your home directory (that’s the one you first get when you log in- you’ll see logs, maildir,…) Now use what ever program to hook up with telnet/ssh and you’ll type he import command. see the K-base
for further explination. But this is the command you’ll use:

cat filename.sql | mysql -uusername -ppassword -h yourMySQLHostname dbname

Hope this helps


i did the shell command thing but all i got was this
and no matter what i typed or did nothing would happen

i tried restoring the file via phpmyadmin and its 80% restored and then gives an error and ALL my users are missing.

So just to be on the safe side I have split the file up into 2 parts and am gona try and restore them one by one
lets see what happens

thanks for the help by the way that atleast got me familiar with shell stuff :smiley: