Help with curl translation

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I am trying to rewrite a word press plugin for google maps so that it uses curl. I am stuck with the following function and need to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you



  • @function GmapCode
  • @description Displays the Google Map on the page
    function GmapCode($thispostid){
    global $mapWidth, $mapHeight, $validPoints, $zoomLevel, $showControl, $controlType, $centerMap, $MapCode, $pointCount, $apiKey, $begMapType, $showType;
    $thismapid = “map”.$thispostid;
    $MapCode = $MapCode . " \n
\n \n \n";



From what I can tell, this code is all javascript. So curl would not be necessary. If you were able to use curl, it would have to be installed on the viewers computers. Which would seam too much to ask of the viewer.


thank you. I was assuming that my problem was related to how dreamhost has configured their php not to allow URL file-access. It looks like my problems lie elsewhere.

From my understanding of the code sippet provided this should have taken provided long and latitude coordinates and returned a google map that would have diplayed in a word press blog.

does anyone know if there are any system limitations to block such a request?


Can you find this code being used elsewhere? that may provide some clues for you. Some parts of google do require username and password which may or may not be effecting your code.


Thanks for the clue, and i will check again, but all that should be required is the api key from google maps.