Help with Cron

I am trying to set up cronjobs for a directory script I have installed on my site. I am following some instructions on how to do this, and I am using Putty.

I need to type in the path_to_PHP, but whenever I do, I get ‘No Such File or Directory’. I am using the format /usr/local/bin/php. Now I know usr is my username, and local for me would be my domain, yes? As in, Is there something different I should be using for Dreamhost?

Also, how can I set it up through Putty to receive any errors in my email? Should I try using another program to set up crons?

This is my first task of this sort, and I’ve no formal training in any of this, so please keep your answers simple =) Thankyou in advance!

In this particular case no, ‘usr’ and ‘local’ are directories on your server.

To answer your question, the full path to the PHP executable is as follows;


and the PHP CGI executables are located at;

For PHP4;

For PHP5


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