Help with changing upload filesize

I wanted to have a larger file upload size than 7M, so I went searching on how to do so. I ended up at this page:
I only made it to the first point, creating a new directory by using ssh.
The problem is the next point which sounds al abacadabra to meT^T

Please help, I’m still a novice at these things Q_Q

You’re going to have to create some text files, as described in the Wiki article. Notepad, or some other generic WP will work. Just be sure that you save the file as Plain Text.

Find out which version of PHP you’re running. This is listed in your Manage Domains–>Edit. Then create the appropriate file. Put that file in your home directory (not your website directory). You only need that small script for PHP4 or PHP5, not the “More General Script.”

Run those next commands via SSH, then create a .htaccess file with your text editor and put that in your website directory. If your website directory already has a .htaccess, then add the three new lines to the top.

You can use the Panel’s new CronTab utility to create that cronjob. Just put the “/home/USERNAME/” in the command field in the Panel and have it run Weekly.


It works!! YAY~~ Thanks for your help!:slight_smile:

Extra thanks go to the author of that Wiki article. I’ve used it and find it incredibly handy. Darn that 7M limit.


This is going to sound really stupid, but I have no idea how to run a command via SSH, I’ve read all the wiki’s but still no clue. I’m probably missing something obvious, but please put me out of my misery as I need up change the upload filesize in the php.ini.

scjessey just recently posted a great introduction to what’s involved in working in the shell at DreamHost, including all six of the relevant wiki links needed to get you started.

His post, and the links he provided, explain it just about as well as it can be explained, and has all the necessary steps covered.

Why don’t you check that post, and those links, out and see if they don’t five you what you need. :wink:


Just for convenience, I’ve created a category on the wiki that copies the contents of that post.

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