Help with blog please!

I am not computer savvy, could someone who has time maybe help me get my website set up for a blog? I do not need anything fancy…I just want to write and post. I am truly an idiot I guess because I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I hope someone will take pity on me…PLEASE?

Your best bet would be going to one-click installs and adding word press. Be sure to make it a custom installation though instead of simple.

Thank you for the advice, but I am so clueless…do you know if there is someone that I could pay to help me get this set up? I am using this site for a blog to help me not loose my mind with my own thoughts…I just do not get all off this technical stuff…I just want to write. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Linda Jean

Send me a PM if you are interested in my services as far as me doing a custom install (a manual install as opposed to what you can get with a one-click install). I’m willing to also install additional modules and themes and give support services for my work. I’m also available on pretty much every messenger service so just tell me which one you use and I can send you a message if you’d rather chat with me in real time. I also have a chatroom that I can give you a direct url to if you would rather go that route.

Otherwise I can instruct you on what to do from your control panel. I assume you have a hosting plan with DH and you have your own domain name and it is fully hosted is that correct? If that is so, its just a matter of you clicking on One-Click Installs on the upper left (your toolbox). That will bring up the current applications available. Click on WordPress. You will see a button for Simple and Custom Installation. Pick Custom Installation. It will then give you a drop down box to pick which domain to install WordPress to so pick your domain name. You don’t have to put anything after the “/” in case you want it to be on instead of something like The next option says to select database. I’m going to also assume you haven’t created any so just leave it on automatically create database and click install it for me now! Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory.