Help with Apache Actions

Since my account was moved from lucas to mrfantastic, a custom Apache Action that I configured/installed has not been functioning. My attempts to debug this problem have been unsuccessful.


I use a custom Apache Action to perform pre-processing of Java WebStart descriptors (.jnlp files) and associated jars. For instance, the script is supposed to replace the “$$codebase” string in the .jnlp with the correct values, much as the official Java DownloadServlet does. Since I can’t run Java servlets, I reimplemented the functionality I need in PHP, and configured it for the directory in question as follows:

Action process-jnlp /path/to/downloadservlet.php
AddHandler process-jnlp .jnlp
AddHandler process-jnlp .jar

The situation at the moment is that the handler does not seem to run at all.

I have verified that the correct path is being loaded, by changing the name of the downloadservlet.php in the .htaccess file to .php3, and observing a 404 error, which does not otherwise occur. I have observed that the Content-Type header changes if I comment out the “AddHandler” lines in the .htaccess file. Without the handler, I receive a Content-Type of text/plain, with the handler I get a Content-Type of text/html.

However, I have been unable to actually change the behaviour of the system by modifying the script itself. Inserting instructions in the downloadservlet.php script to add headers, or immediately terminate the request has no effect whatsoever. I can therefore only assume that the existence of the Action is being verified, but that the action itself is not ever being executed.

Even replacing the downloadservlet.php with an empty file has the same effect - the Content-Type header changes, but nothing is executed. making the content of the downloadservlet.php file be something like “<?php exit(); ?>” makes no difference whatsoever.

As noted this behaviour seems to have manifested since the move from lucas to mrfantastic. Does anyone know if there is some obscure difference in their configurations that would explain this behaviour?

Dreamhost tech support staff have declined to assist, even though this broke because of the move from one DH server to another. Any suggestions would be welcome!